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Welcome To Nyanga Trout Fishing Tours !!!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about coming to Nyanga to try your hand at trout fishing. It’s the best idea you’ve ever had! The fresh water river fishing in Nyanga is truly unique. The clarity of the water in Zimbabwe’s beautiful and rugged Eastern Highland rivers provides sight fishing opportunities that will have you hunting and stalking trout as you pick your way upstream, stopping only to sip the clean mountain waters, swim in the pristine rock pools, or to picnic on the sunny banks. To add diversity to your trip are the fresh water lakes, which offer a very different experience to the rushing rivers and rocky streams. The calmer waters are better suited to novices who can cast from the more open shorelines or from a boat – which means less tangles! Whichever you choose – and we can make recommendations to suit your needs – you will love the fresh clean mountain air, beautiful scenery, and lively Nyanga trout. Fly fisherman are few and far between in these parts, and solitude is a hallmark of this incredible experience. Keep exploring this website to find out more.